I'm Debbie and welcome to Me, My Faith and Fashion or MMFAF for short.

Created approximately 6 years ago, the site is still in it’s infancy simply because of my lack of commitment to running it but thou (that’s me) shall continue to fight the good fight of making MMFAF into some kind of a success.


The Me part:

I’m a thirty something London born & raised girl who still lives at home with her mother. I am not particularly proud of that latter part but I am here to promote realness (including vulnerability) over any sort of painted perfection, which you'll hopefully get a feel of while on here. I do not plan on talking a huge deal about myself but as MMFAF's founder and only contributor all blog posts/content has been created by me, so will occasionally include and be about me. But I guess this blog wouldn't do what it said on the tin if it didn't right?


The Faith part:

The world may refer to me as a Christian but since I semi struggle with that word (I have a pending blog post explaining why) am I allowed to say I am a believer (and follower) of Jesus Christ? I think I am. 


The Fashion part:

Ex ASOS Magazine Coordinator who has an overflowingcrowded collection (reads: wardrobe) full of mainly vintage, vintage designer, designer and [of course] ASOS pieces, who continues to unnecessarily add and add to it on a regular basis. Said clothes collector also has a penchant for buying and owning ridiculously expensive designer shoes. Other areas of fashion interest include: design, photography and styling.


And I think that was all.


p.s this site is for anyone who wants to read it so I absolutely do not discriminate. However being a "Christian" of Nigerian descent expect to see lots of Jesus references and mention of things pertaining to aspects of the Nigerian culture. If either of these are not your thing, might I suggest you continue to read MMFAF and thus support me however if after trying you still have absolute no or even little interest - that is okay. I give you my full blessing to never return here again.