November - issa new month.

Happy New Month People. Although I am very aware it is now November 13th therefore this post would of been way more fitting if it came out on/around the 1st of the month.

[The intent was there, however intention lacked hence why I am attempting to explain myself.]

That aside, issa new month and I have new purchases but no pictures to show you (sorry). Which means this post has now come to an end as I have nothing else of relevance to write about at this moment (double sorry).

For anyone reading: thank you for wasting 55 seconds of your time (which may not help you but helps me as you reading this counts towards my page views).

And for anyone interested this was one of my new purchases but not at the price advertised.

The end.



Why I'm still discussing this barely-there-strappy-sandal-heel trend in winter*

Despite not speaking to God at the time, this song helped me deal with a family death...