3 pretty easy [and totally legit] ways to make some extra money if you are broke…


Disclaimer : this post is not sponsored however has been inspired by the current status of my bank balance.

Get yo’ money back.

This tip may seem like a bit of an oxymoron because in order to make money this way you first gotta spend it but it is still worth including.

In short:

Earn money on your online purchases by way of getting cash back.

How it works:

Sign up to any cashback site (I use topcashback.co.uk) and whenever shopping online - head to the site to see whether your website of choice is listed as offering some form of cash back (usually a % of of your total or a fixed set amount like £150).

Whether you are buying clothes, a holiday, insurance or food - shopping on sites like amazon, asos & asda can earn you some coins plus some.

Worth knowing:

Sometimes the cashback offered seems pretty pointless i.e. 2% of a £20 purchase is only 40p however the fun comes from seeing your total cashback amount accumulated over the course of t i m e (since December 2018 I have made about £45).

Also worth knowing that these cashback sites tend to take a fee of your total, plus you can only cash in your earnings after about a month. All this boring but need to know stuff can be found on their sites so read up before you sign up.

How much you can make:

I don’t have an approx figure to leave here as the amount you make really depends on how often you use the site and the amount of cash back on offer. Sorry, I know that that isn’t helpful at all.

My Top Tip:

Try to get into the habit of always checking the cashback site/app for everything and anything you buy online especially when booking a holiday as this seems to be the biggest payout for me.

It’s good to talk and get paaaaaaaid (reads: paid) for it.

In short:

Join a market research group.

How it works:

Sign-up to a bunch of market research agencies and get ready to be annoyed/inundated with daily emails from said agencies looking for people to share their thoughts and opinions about anything from chocolate to finances to even toothpaste.

Apply for a session by answering a series of questions via email/their website and if the agency is interested you’ll get a call back to be asked even more questions.

Finally if successful, you’ll get invited along to a session and get paid.

How much you can make:

Anything from £25 to £150 for an hour or two of your time.

Across the whole of last year I think I made about £340 which I was not mad about. However a friend I know made approx £700 in one month which I was semi mad about because note that I said she made that figure in one month.

Worth knowing:

From experience you may apply for about a million (okay 10) sessions in one week and not ever get a call back which is like a complete waste of time. But then sometimes you do get a call back and all is indeed well. Learn from me and don’t take it personal, be patience and just keep applying and applying and applying. Payment is most times cash in hand and if in the event you get asked along to a group session - be prepared to meet at least one super interesting (reads: pretty weird) personality amongst the group.

My Top Tip:

As tempting as it is - don’t apply and lie for a session if it isn’t applicable to you. Example: saying you have a cat (when you don’t) in order to secure a session about cat food is not advisable. I admit I have lied in the past however do not wish to share the consequences of my lying at this moment in time.

Wanted: your unwanted stuff.

In short:

Ebay it.

This is probably the most obvious common means of making some extra cash but I include it because it works. [Last year I generated about £1000 on ebay from selling about 5% of my wardrobe including beauty stuff alone.]

Good to know:

Long gone are the days of dealing with the cheek+audacity of those buyers making you 99p offers for the £25 item you put up, since ebay now has a filter where you can automatically decline any offers well below your asking price.

A tip:

Your loss can totally equal someone else’s gain so while I stick to selling clothes - anything goes including houseware, electronics, books etc. Also try Shpock and Depop as alternatives to ebay.

Oh and another disclaimer : this post does have a semi serious undertone to it as being broke is no joke however the broke I am referring to is owing a couple of hundred on your credit card because you bought a £208.50 dress on sale (see here) and not wanting to go into the last of your savings to pay it off (which is the level of broke I am facing). For anyone facing real serious financial difficulty aka you are in debt - I advise you first consult Jesus/prayer and then consult some sort of debt management company.

Debs x

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