New month, new in…

I somewhat doubt that I am the only one experiencing pure gratitude in seeing the end of that month they call January. Without going into detail: it was not a good month. I cannot quite say I have now welcomed February with arms wide open however since it is here one is attempting to be ‘hopeful’ with arms slowly extending outwards. With that said my main focus should be on getting myself back into full time employment however said focus has been diverted into figuring out how I am going to pay for the newest addition to my credit card balance: a £208.50 dress found in the sale. I have yet to work out how much of a sale is a dress that costs £208.50 so perhaps I should mention that it wasn’t just any £208.50 dress but it was a £208.50-down-from-£695-Rejina-Pyo-Greta-dress-off-of-net-a-porter, so I hope that helps you do the math.

I should also perhaps mention my new in purchase number two (another dress of course) which was not as much as the Greta dress but still relatively much for someone who is not in full time employment) however let me leave that for another post and I’ll leave you to cast your unwanted opinions on my £208.50 dress in the comments if you so wish

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Hello 2019.