July update...


It’s been a hot minute since any MMFAF activity has gone on (reads: exactly two months has passed since any actual posting) but I’m back and back with an update.

Complete sidenote: I realised my problem with committing to MMFAF lies in running around helping and supporting other people with their dreams, visions, businesses etcetera while running away from getting on with mine. I should really go and read the book of Jonah since he knows all about running away from what God told him to do but because I am currently and slowly working my way through the book of Job (pronounced Jobe) I do not have time for that. Plus I know how the story ends: Jonah ends up in a whale, gets spat out of said whale and then gets on with doing what God told him in the first place. Since I don’t quite fancy being eaten up by a whale (especially since the type of whales around today are killer ones so I pretty much doubt there is chance of me making it out alive), I definitely think it is time for me to get on with Me, My Faith and Fashion.

I am very aware that I have made several MMFAF comeback attempts but by the grace of God this comeback is for real this time. Speaking of grace, the third issue of GRACE Magazine (which btw I also decided to quit because I need to focus on MMFAF) is now out (you can read it here) which is about motherhood and identity. I also jumped on Episode 5 of the VALOUR podcast entitled On My Mind to talk about my mum’s depression which I never ever ever talk about publicly - until now. And the final part of this update is that I am officially job hunting and am officially stressed by it especially as I have officially run up my credit card and no one seems to want to hire me. But despite me questioning it: God is faithful people so I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

Next post will be out by the end of this week - I promise.



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