3 colourful and cute wedding guest outfit options that won’t leave you upstaging the bride…

Happy Saturday people

As promised I am delivering another post before the week is up which I am dedicating to anyone who has a summer wedding to attend to and may want some outfit ideas. Fyi I have decided to steer way clear away from slip dresses, sequins and anything I’m-tryna-outdo-the-bride-esque (all of which have become obligatory dress code etiquette for far too many a Nigerian wedding guest smh) and opt for 3 non fussy looks.

Please be advised that they are all around the £300 mark [which sadly means I won’t be buying any of them myself bc I’m currently in a battle with paying off my credit card] however because of this very reason the likelihood of another wedding guest rocking up in the exact.same.outfit as you is greatly reduced. So we hope.


The United Colours of Everything Dress



The Pretty in Pink Dress




The Mini ‘n’ Modest Dress



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