A whole six hundred and four days later - I finally have a job. A paying one...

Hey people

I want to begin today’s post highlighting that it is really annoying me that the above gif isn’t centred but since I cannot figure out how to centre it and refuse to let it steal my joy, it is staying as it is.

Now, according to my saved friends 8 is the number of/that represents new beginnings so since we are in month 8 (August) of 2019, declaring new beginnings is a thing. Which if I am honest I totally did not care for nor believe in up until now: only because something ‘new’ has been added to my life that is not stress/a piece of clothing/a bag/or pair of shoes, but is in fact a job.

So yeah, your girl (me) has finally got herself a new job (for a luxury designer company 😜 btw) and it feels frigging great. To be perfectly honest I haven’t tirelessly applied for a ton of jobs this year however I was starting to really believe I was unemployable - as there are only so much nicely worded job rejection emails one can take. But God definitely knew what was up and was definitely up to something 🙌🏿.

Ironically despite being unemployed for exactly 604 days - the whole process of applying for the job and getting 1st, 2nd 3rd interview for said job and being offered it took only 20 days. Kinda reminds me of how the Israelites took 40 years to make what was about a 11 day journey but that aside, I am super grateFULL to Jesus. Everything from the timing, the process, the company, the role and the pay is testimony that God is truly a good good Father and He gives good too. I’ll be sharing more details of the role soon so watch.this.space, so check back in about a month or so for a A WEEK IN THE LIFE OF MY NEW JOB post.

And that was all.




For anyone reading this who is currently sat frustrated in the looking for a j.o.b waiting room: please email me or slide me a DM and let’s talk. About what exactly? Well you’ll find out when you contact me.

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